Saturday, March 13, 2010

Seed Sowing Experiment

Last year, I planted sugar snap peas three times. The first two sowings were destroyed by my Ladies and Mitzi the cat. The Ladies dug the plants up to get the worms underneath and Mitzi  pulled the young plants out and tossed them around like a small prey treasures. I was reasonably sure there would be no snap peas last season.

But then, I found snap pea starts at a farm stand up in Mount Vernon and was able to grow a small crop of the delicious green treats. The starts came in a densely packed 4" x 4" container. The exciting part of this story is that I discovered a new way to bulk sow seeds for transplanting later in the spring.

For this experiment, I took a plastic plant containers and added fresh sterile seed starting soil, filling the container to about an inch and a half from the top. I put about a half of a packet of snap pea seeds onto the soil, added a top dressing, watered and placed in the hoop house. Having a warm hoophouse will help the germination conditions for this seed sowing experiment. I love the hoophouse!

Two weeks later

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