Thursday, March 11, 2010

Relocating the Raspberries

Two of my three raspberry patches were planted running east to west and I noticed that the berries seem to grow better on the south side of the plants.  This winter I decided to move all the plants to the same location and orient them in a north south direction. With a little luck, berries will grow on both sides of the plants.

I decided to put seven feet between each row to make it easier to pick the berries and keep the lawn mowed. I have Caroline plants which fruit in the early summer and again in the fall, Tulameen plants that produce a berries with a sweet rich flavor, and Meeker plants which are heavy producers and the fruit freezes well.

I dug up the plants from here.

I added Hendrikus organic fertilizer to the soil to give the plants a little boost with reestablishing their root systems in their new home.

I must admit I did have a little help digging the trenches for the berries....

Meekers in the first row.

All the plants are moved and so far seem happy with the new home. When the plants fill out this summer they will provide a little shade for the Ladies and it will be easy to toss them berry treats which they completely enjoy.

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