Friday, September 30, 2011

Food Did Happen...

The sunshine hours in the Seattle area were less than stellar this summer, but some fruits and veggies did make an appreciated appearance in the garden. 

Red Gold potatoes

Touchstone Gold

Kristin cherries

The blueberry bushes were well pollinated and produced a wonderful crop of deliciousness and I froze four gallons for making the best blueberry muffins ever all winter long!


My Ladies gardened with me and enjoyed a few raspberries along the way.

chicken acrobatics

My tomatoes are showing signs of bearing fruit and I have harvested about 2 pounds of tomatoes so far. 

I love the color gradation of the grape tomatoes!

And some apples, not many, but some.

Akane apples

New critters did make themselves  known in the garden this season....the voles. I am using snap traps to help our cat with the population control. Voles tunnel under everything making it impossible for plants to establish a root system.  They also take bites out of root vegetables and mow down anything that suits their fancy.

vole hole

The Puget Sound area the farmers markets are a terrific resource of everything fresh and I've been able to buy all the fruits and vegetables that were missing from my garden.