Thursday, June 9, 2011


I recently started cooking with lemongrass and I love it!  This grass is used in many Thai and Vietnamese dishes and brings a citrusy-bright flavor to every dish you can imagine.

Being the avid gardner that I am, I thought this grass would be the perfect addition to my garden. So after hunting around on the internet for growing instructions, it  seems this perennial is easy to grow.....just like the other grasses that seem to pop up in the middle of my gardens.

Start with a bunch of lemongrass that can be found in your local Asian market, cut the tops off and placed the stalks in water. Be sure to choose plants that look like they have some life left in them.

Change the water every couple of days and in 2 - 3 weeks you will start seeing root development happening.

When there is solid root growth, plant the stalks in a sunny location. Remember that lemongrass needs to stay warm all year. I'm planting my stalks in a pot that can be brought indoors or placed in the hoophouse.

Lemongrass is well on the way to producing a fresh crop of deliciousness!

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