Friday, March 26, 2010

Plays Well With Others...

I've been doing a little research about companion planting using vegetables, herbs and flowers. The idea is that companion plants will help to promote the health of the soil, protect neighboring plants from pests, and increase the crop yield. Companion plants create a beneficial interaction and form a balanced environment in the vegetable garden. If you want a more information on companion planting click here.

Below is a table of plants that make good partners.

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  1. Great list/resource! I haven't paid too much attention to which plants I buddied up together--but last fall I planted garlic interspersed in my asparagus, as well as solo garlic bed right next to it. The difference in the garlic is incredible! The garlic in the asparagus bed is pretty puny and the others are large and full. It was a good lesson in why I should be more mindful! I'll be printing out the list for sure! Thanks!