Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sustainable NE Seattle Edible Garden Tour - Part 3

Did you know that ducks will lay an egg a day for at least four years? That's a lot of eggs when you have three ducks. 1,095 per year to be exact.   I was surprised how chatty ducks are. They had a very entertaining conversation with their owner while I was visiting. I might need to add a couple of them to my menagerie. I wonder if they like chickens?

In this yard, rain water captured from the roof is used for watering the gardens and filling the web footed friends wading pool. It takes about a barrel of water to fill the duck pool.


  1. A thousand eggs per year? Knowing this makes me love these creatures even more!

  2. What cute ducks! I had no idea they were such egg layers.
    I love your rain barrel, I really want to get one or two set up here.