Sunday, May 16, 2010

Maybe Just a Tad Late?

I have never grown potatoes and decided to expand my seed genre this season. I purchased the potato seeds and they arrived about two months ago. I put them in the garage to stay cool and dormant and had every good intention of planting them in a timely manner.  Well, the weather is heating up here and I decided the potatoes needed to be divided and placed in the soil. When I opened the potato bags, I was surprised to find little anemic shoots reaching for the light in our dark garage. Yikes! I hope they will still grow into productive plants.

Also needing planting are the tomatoes, celeriac, basil, lavender, cabbage, sage thyme, artichoke, peppers, and eggplant starts.


  1. they look like they're growing well so far. I wish you many potatoes.