Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Raspberry Patch Evolves Into The Asparagus Bed

Earlier in the year I moved my raspberry patches. I knew that the beds where the raspberries had been would need some work to get the roots out and keep new canes from growing. After many, many days of turning soil and extracting every root I could find, I'm ready to plant my asparagus crowns. Yea!

This will be my first asparagus bed and I chose the Jersey Supreme plants because they are suppose to produce a high yield and be resistant to rust.  This spring, it is really important to let the young plants produce spears and then let the spears mature into ferns. Skipping the harvest this spring will allow the plants to establish themselves and store energy for next seasons growth. The local farmers market will have delicious asparagus and I'll wait until next year to taste mine.

My Red Gold and Gold Rush potato seeds have arrived and they will be planted in the second old raspberry bed.

To help the soil preparation process along, I've put the Ladies to work digging up the remaining shallow growing raspberry roots.  This will save me hours of stooping and bending to dig them out! Another bonus to keeping chickens...mini rototillers!


  1. We did the Aspargus thing last year..this year we are getting a stalk here and there...maybe it takes more than one year...good luck.

  2. Wish I was your neighbor after seeing the quantity of asparagus you planted!

    Christine in Alaska