Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Montiellet Fromagerie

In November I was lucky enough to help cook a fantastic dinner for the Dunham Cellars fall wine release dinner. If you are looking for fine tasting Washington wines for any occasion Dunham Cellars is an excellent choice.

If the excitement of the dinner wasn't enough, the next day we spent time with Joan and Pierre-Louis Monteillet of Monteillet Fromagerie.  The Monteillet Fromagerie produces wonderful artisan cheeses made from the milk of the goats and sheep they raise on their 32 acres. We got a tour of the cheese making kitchen and the farm and then Joan treated us to some of their delicious cheeses which were complimented with fall fruit and wine of course!

The icing on the weekend cake was spending the whole afternoon cooking, eating, sipping wine and getting to know each other. That afternoons activities are what great company and local food is all about.

Fresh lamb chops!

Mussels from the Washington coast

Thank you Joan and Pierre-Louis for a most excellent day!

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