Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Fall Garden Walk

The Seattle area has been smiled upon by the sun and warm weather. Today, my thermometer read 71 degrees, isn't it November?  I took a walk around the garden and was pleased to see that the fall veggies are doing well, a couple of the dahlias are still full of color, the Tulameen raspberries are still producing fruit and the moon!

My arugula, lettuce and kale are looking wonderful and healthy. I'll look forward to eating them in the near future.  It's a wonderful feeling not having to buy these veggies from the store!

To my delight, the some of the dahlias have managed to survive being pummeled by the rain and the first light frost.

The raspberries are also managing to continue to ripen.  The color is so inviting that I keep thinking that the flavor will be that of the summer berries, but there hasn't been that much sun to develop that juicy sweet flavor. They are more muted in taste so the Ladies are enjoying them this fall.

Speaking of Ladies, the new hens are just starting to lay and I'll be looking forward to eating fresh eggs all winter!

I also saw the disappointments of the season. It was usually cold this summer and the veggies that needed hot temperatures really struggled. I mean seriously struggled.

Tomato blight

My one and only eggplant.

A couple of peppers that aren't quit mature yet and also have blight.

My one kiwi and acorn squash survivors.

Then there are the delicata and butternut squashes that didn't get much bigger than a softball.

This is the first year that I've had such a difficult time with the veggie gardens and the fruit trees.  Not only did the weather not cooperate, but then there was all the wildlife that needed to feast on everything that was ripening. Not to worry, I'm already anticipating placing my first order for the seeds for next years garden!


  1. beautiful photos (except the nasty blight of course) - such a treat to see so much sunshine!

  2. Beautiful! I'm sad summer is over, but sort of looking forward to the break from gardening and putting up too.

  3. Yes, it will be nice to put my garden to rest as well and gather energy for next season!