Friday, June 4, 2010

Green Green Green!

The sun finally came out yesterday, so I dropped everything and ran outside to clean the chicken coops and survey the gardens.  The temperature has been mild and many days of rain has made everything green, green and green.

This is the garden box I built the hoophouse over. When I took the plastic off, I decided to leave the pvc pipes in place and use them to support the pea/bean trellis. Here you can see spinach, Butterhead lettuce, Iceberg lettuce, and Sugar Snap peas. We've been munching on the leafy green for about two weeks now and are really enjoying that.

The asparagus is coming along nicely. The fern fronds are beautiful and very delicate. The Ladies like to forage in the bed and haven't disturbed the newly formed plants. Yea!

Green blueberries

And the potato plants seem to be growing vigorously. I'm trying out a soaker hose, but it has been raining since put it down about two weeks ago. Water, it's a good thing.

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