Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Dirty Life: On Farming Food and Love

CSA farmer and author Kristin Kimball has written a wonderful and inspiring memoir about her evolution from complete city girl to gritty committed farmer.  Inspired by an idealistic man and the romantic idea of feeding a community, Kristin embarks on a journey where she learns everything from plowing fields with a team of horses to planting seeds to slaughtering. Her descriptions of how she transforms during her fist year of hardcore farming are completely engaging.

I connected with The Dirty Life: On Farming Food and Love because I related to finding joy and satisfaction in feeding myself, family and friends. Eating foods that I've nurtured and grown always seem to taste better and leave me with a feeling of being more solidly connected to life. Enjoying my urban farming successes along with the struggles keeps me continually planning on improving my gardens and the ability to put delicious food on the table.  The Dirty Life makes me want to run outside, grab the shovel and start digging!

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